YouTube's Live Event As Overhyped As The Company


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"All this expensive CDN infrastructure really isn't necessary to handle live video streams effectively. P2P software can handle it effectively and far cheaper since the users are serving most of the video to others." Really? Of all the P2P based services on the web, almost none of them support live streaming. Some say they do, but try getting a real demo of a live P2P stream. Octoshape works (used by, but most others aren't doing live at all. So how is P2P going to solve the problem? It won't, but it's easy to simply make a blanket statement that says CDN is crap, just solve the problem with P2P.

I think too many people were expecting YouTube to roll out their own webcasting service, which makes no sense. If YouTube were to do that, they would not do it via their own network and would have to use a content delivery network. But the bigger question is does YouTube really need a live service? Absolutely not. If they can't make money with on-demand video, they won't make it with live content either.
これはそのとおりで、オンデマンド配信でのビジネスモデルもできていないのにLive 配信でのビジネスモデルの構築はもっと難しいし、Google がやるべきことでもない気がする。

I don't get all the fuss about YouTube. It has no business model, no clear ad strategy, is slow to adopt technology, has poor video quality and has absolutely no focus at all. I'm reading articles now about how YouTube is starting to offer some videos in HD. You mean the same HD quality that ABC and others started offering a year and a half ago? Welcome to the game YouTube, late as always.
今回のライブイベントは、これからのYoutube に劇的なビジネスモデルの変化を予感させるものでもなかったし、それほど業界的にはインパクトのないイベントだったということでメモをしておけばよいか。

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